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About JMI Industrial Gas Limited

JMI Industrial Gas Limited (JIGL), a flagship Strategic Business Unit of JMI Group engages in import, bottling and distribution of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) as well as Ethylene Oxide (EtO). JIGL is uniquely poised to cater to the demand of the country and got the surplus capacity to export to overseas markets.

Under the umbrella of JMI Group, JIGL successfully started its commercial operation with the most commitment to convenience, availability, functionality, and safety to meet the growing demand for liquefied petroleum gas (LPG). By maintaining European standards JIGL established its Main Terminal located at Sitakunda, Chattogram (largest in Bangladesh) another terminal located at Batiaghata of Khulna and satellite stations are located at Gazaria of Munshiganj, Mirsarai & Karnafuli of Chattogram.

With its state-of-the-art cylinders manufacturing facility, JMI Group established a world-class LPG Cylinder manufacturing plant in Sitakunda, Chattogram named JMI Cylinders Limited (JCL). The facility has a maximum production capacity of 12, 00,000 pcs LPG cylinders yearly with complying all the safety measures. JCL currently manufacturing 12 KG, 35 KG & 45 KG capacity LPG cylinders for household, commercial and industrial use.

JIGL successfully operates the Auto Gas business at every division of Bangladesh with a mission of ensuring the safest, environment-friendly, cost-effective clean fuel for vehicles. Joint Venture with Turkey, JMI Sankur Auto Tank Limited (JSATL) is manufacturing world-class Auto Tanks at Sitakunda, Chattogram.

More information about JIGL are available at www.jmigas.com


Our vision is to be the most admired & progressive business conglomerate and contribute to the energy sector by providing comprehensive clean energy solutions through leading innovation.


Our mission is to play a significant role in the power and energy industry by ensuring enviro-friendly, cost-effective, safe, and clean energy solutions with the best customer services. We view ourselves as partners with our customers, business partners, employees, society, environment, and the planet at large.

Core Values

Our values represent as well as are the measures for our beliefs, moral principles, thinking and actions that underlie our organization’s culture. They are principles of what ties us together in the past, present and for all the days to come as well. Our glorious success is based on following core values, which are embedded in our corporate culture, accordingly, determine our actions in our daily dealings with our customers, business partners, teamwork, local community, wider society, environment and the planet at large.

• Customer Focus
• Human Resources Oriented
• Team Spirit
• Desire to win
• Proactivity
• Integrity
• Ethics
• Excellence
• Compliances on Top
• Environment Friendliness
•Caring for the society at large

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Why we are?

Highly maintain Standards
Our first Priority Safety
Ensure safe and Quality full product to customer
We are bound to keep our commitment
We believed work, quality & commitment is our main strength
That’s we are & Because of that JMI is the leading position in Bangladesh till now since 1999.
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